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We already knew Nicki Minaj has great assets (emphasis on that first syllable), but the rapper is making sure that NO ONE forgets it with the cover art to her new upcoming single.

Nicki shared the "Anaconda" cover art on Instagram where she puts the "G" in "OMG" with a pink G-String! She's pictured squatting in her flossy underwear, a matching pink sports bra, and blue and pink Jordans.

Nicki's been going for a more, natural, stripped down style lately, but this cover art gives the term "stripped down" a whole new meaning. But we have to say .. she looks amazing! Somebody's been doing their squats at the gym!

Click on the photo below to see the uncensored version on her Instagram page.

Nicki will be performing her new music at the upcoming iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas on September 19th and 20th. The full lineup was unveiled this week! Check out who else is performing this year:

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