WHO ARE YOUR NEIGHBORS: Greg T’s neighbor was on TV the other night on Dr. Oz’s show 'NY Med.' Who is your celebrity neighbor?

BEFORE-AFTER: Greg T saw a TV commercial that showed two pictures of a guy – one bald and one with tons of hair. He is obviously a 'before and after' model! Who are these 'before and after models'? Who are you?!?!?! So, if you are a 'before and after model' where have we seen you?

RICKETY APARTMENT: Is your apartment falling apart? Is it a complete mess? What would you name your jankety apartment and why?

SWINGING: Greg T wants to know, does swinging still exist? How do you do it? Can someone call Greg T and tell him how you go about hooking up with another couple??

HIT WITH A GOLF BALL: Greg T was at a golf course and heard someone yell FOUR! Off to the side, he saw someone get pegged in the leg with a golf ball!! WOW! It was pretty bad. It’s basically like he got shot! Have you ever been hit with a golf ball and how are you today?