SCANDAL: WHO GOT SHOT? Last night’s episode ending was SO INCREDIBLE! THE DRAMA! But who got shot? Greg T wants to know if any of our listeners have ever been shot!? Where? When? How? Who did it?

WALKING DEAD: Ever gotten caught “squatting” in someone’s house? Did you eat all their food? Did you sleep in their bed?

WWE: Greg T LOVES this! The wrestlers all gang up and beat this guy in the head with a guitar! What weird item have you been hit in the head with?

GREY’S ANATOMY: There is a situation going on where Human Resources is called to deal with a situation. Greg T wants to know… why were YOU called into HR?

MODERN FAMILY: We always talk about either the bride or the groom wrecking their own wedding, but what about the flower girl or the ring bearer? How did someone ruin the ceremony?


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