August 12th




Ever wonder what it would be like to be a coder? Now you can test it out by making your own bracelet using Made With Code - a Google site. You'll play around with the Blockly programming language to make yourself a bracelet with a word that then gets printed using a 3D printer. Made With Code has other projects to work on using code like creating your own soundtrack! The entire company was created to inspire young girls to get involved in code. They have so many programs for high school students as well as adults!




The ExtraVerso phone case is perfect for everyone in at least one aspect of their life. The actual case has a suction effect so it will stick to any surface. Your wall or cabinet while you're cooking, window while driving, a selfie without having your arm in the picture, Skyping with friends when you don't want to hold the phone, or sticking your credit card on the back of your phone when running out to lunch. ExtraVerso's case is available for almost every smart phone out there. Choose from one of their cases in the gallery OR design your own by uploading a picture! They're a UK company but they ship worldwide!