August 14th




I used ExoSupply’s PureRemover to take off my polish yesterday…WOW. It’s ’made with all clean ingredients so the remover pads naturally moisturize as you remove the polish. When using regular polish you can feel, see, and smell that it’s damaging your nails. The PureRemover comes in Lavendar, Orange, or Mint so also smells great. The wipes are perfect to keep in your purse or at your desk for last minute moments. I used one pad for both hands and they can even take off gel polish!




My sister is constantly getting new eye glasses and I know it’s super expensive, well now there’s Frameri! It's the first online retailer of interchangeable boutique quality prescription eyewear for men and women. Buy the lenses once and get a few different colors and designs of frames and pop your lenses in and out easily! With Frameri you can change your glasses with your outfits and you don’t have to spend too much money. And if you want to try wearing glasses even though you don’t need ‘em there are 540 style options so I’m sure you’ll find something to go with your look!