June 20th



Quiokos is an incredible tshirt company that discovers new artists from art schools and local communities.  It's a way for them to show their artwork on clothing. Quoikos is an artist-fan  collaboration. They create a theme and ask artists/designers to submit their art based on the current theme the fans vote for their favorite and the winner has their art produced on apparel! Aside from general artist competitions they also run them within art schools!  I have a tshirt that has a unique heart design and I LOVE it. It fits great and it's super comfy. Quoikos donates part of the proceeds to to non-profit organizations or art school scholarship fund. 


Through Whose Crew is bringing back real cameras. We are the contributors who use a 35mm disposable camera and submit our photos. Through Whose Crew has been collecting and curating photos taken around the world since 2012. Each photo is uploaded and organized in galleries that draw visual similarities. You can get your own disposable camera or buy one from their website. They use disposable cameras because you can't edit these photos like we do with digital photos. Disposable cameras are the most neutral way to take photos. Head to their map to see photos taken all over the WORLD.