May 16th



Sometimes when you're looking for a very particular shoe, Google doesn't cut it. Check out ShoeVoo - it's a shoe search engine! Select the type of shoe you're looking for; flats, heels, sandals, or boots, then pick a color. You'll get hundreds to thousands of results.  Refine your search on the left side of the page by changing the color, type, setting a price range, specific brands, choose a pattern, and more! I've been on the hunt for the perfect flat black sandal this and this site has a bunch of options. I will never Google for shoes again! ShooVoo it!


This is so fun! Budsies are custom hand-sewn stuffed animals made from kids’ artwork or a photo. If you have something you created when you were a kid have Budsies turn it into a stuffed animal for mom and dad! It’s crazy how similar they look to the original creation. My favorite are the photos of people turned into stuffed animals! Who wouldn’t want a stuffed animal of yourself! Get your significant other a Budsie of you so they’ll always have you with them!