According to a few ladies at, a few ladies are spilling the beans about their dating deal breakers. We've all been on a first date and maybe in a solid relationship, but what are those turn offs once you're committed??

1. Wear Appropriate Underwear
"The guy I was dating told me he had a fetish for wearing women's lingerie. Bye bye." -Erin, 29

2. One Word: "Mandals"
"I ended the relationship because he would not stop wearing mandals. I HATE man-sandals." -Corri, 40

3. Get Your Gambling Under Control
"The shmuck used all of my personal and banking information and signed me up for online gambling! Definite dealbreaker!" -Megan, 25

4. Enjoy The Ride
"I once broke up with a guy because he was no fun on a merry-go-round. A guy who just sits there on the back of an up-and-down horse going round and round to calliope music, who neither whoops nor pretend-spurs nor yells "Hi-ho, Silver!" or even smiles or exhibits enjoyment or FUN is not someone I should be spending my time with." -Cynthia, 70

5. Call Her, MOM
"I had been with my boyfriend of two months when he asked me to meet his mother. He called her 'mommy' the whole evening, and after listening to him ask, 'Mommy what do you want to drink?' 'Mommy can I try some of your meal?' 'Mommy do you want dessert?' I knew I couldn't date him anymore.  You're a grown ass man, call her MOM." -Hailey, 26

6. Have A Group Of Friends
"When my ex and I were getting to the point in our relationship where it was time to meet each other's friends, I started to realize that I had never heard him talk about any of them. Ever. He had lived in the same place all his life (the same place we had met) and hadn't created any network of people. It really put me off, and ultimately led me to end things." -Cristina, 22

7. Don't Be Picky

"I dated a guy who could not choose where to sit whenever we went out to eat. No matter what table the hostess brought us to, he would always request to be moved, sometimes even more than once. Dude, the food is the same no matter where you sit! I just couldn't be with someone who sweats the small stuff like that, so I had to call things off." -Debbie, 30