Photo: Getty Images

By Sierra Marquina

Meryl Davis and Charlie White scored the Olympic gold in ice dancing for the U.S. in Sochi, a moment they’ve been waiting for their whole lives.

“We’ve been on cloud nine for a couple days now,” Meryl revealed to On Air with Ryan Seacrest when she and Charlie called in from Russia. “For the first time in our careers, we aren’t looking for that next step right away. We’re not looking at how we can improve. We are trying to take a moment and enjoy it,” she adds.

“We started when we were 8 and 9, little kids who were too shy to hold each others hands,” Charlie jokes of their 17-year relationship. “But we love the sport of ice dancing and we have such respect for each other. It’s been an amazing partnership.”

And by partnership, he doesn’t mean relationship, despite the whole world wishing they were a couple. “We get that a lot and we take it as a compliment,” Charlie explains. “You know, we aren’t together as a couple, but we’ve worked really hard on our acting skills to make the story we’re telling believable.”

The gold medalists wanted to give a shout-out to their moms, who have helped them get to this moment.”We were really led by our moms,” Charlie shares. “They were there for us everyday. We are part of the P&G family, representatives of Puffs, and they’ve done such a fantastic job making sure our moms are well taken care of.”

Check out their P&G commercial dedicated to their moms below!