New Eminem "Untouchable"

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Coming December 17th it's Eminem's 9th major studio album, and based off his freestyle on the BET awards and the lyrics to "Untouchable" we can be fairly certain that Shady is coming out swinging with his own political view about America, Colin Kapernick, Black Lives Matter, and of course the President.

Here's the latest song we've heard from "Revival" called "Untouchable", over 6 minutes of amazing Em ripping and flowing over 2 different types of beats.

I've been waiting for new Em for almost 4 years, and so has many fans. With the climate in America now, and many saying why are more rappers using their platform to stand for social injustices, Marshall comes out SWINGING in "Untouchable". Many in the comments don't like what the Detroit rapper says, but then again Em's never really cared about what people think. As a matter of fact, Shady already drew a line in the sand, you're either with him or against, and if you are....

This is what we can expect off "Revival" and I personally can't wait for that Ed Sheeran track!