Her Sickness Cant Keep Her Down, She's Gonna Grow Up To Be A Mermaid!

Sweet little Leah has a special message about love, and it brings her mom to tears. 


Leah, as a mermaid here in Florida I want to send you much love and hope you can become a mermaid one day too! 


This latest post about Leah read.

"Today started out kind of rough for Leah but ended well! We had a special visit from a former nurse and enjoyed some time outside with her. Leah got a pedicure (from mommy) and tonight I washed and conditioned her hair (I don't usually condition it) She was in a fantastic mood after some FaceTime with her brother, sister, grandma & grandpa. We need to get this little home! Keep those prayers coming. I enjoyed celebrating her today! I even had a conference call with be the match foundation (bone marrow registry) and look very much forward to working with them and beefing up the registry through Leah's story ♡" 




We wish you the best Leah! 


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