How to Keep Ants Out Of Your Kitchen

Draw a Chalk Line

Got an outside door near your kitchen? That’s probably where the ants are getting in. Sounds like child’s play but draw a chalk line on the ground outside the door. Ants don’t like calcium carbonate, so they won’t want to cross it.

Sprinkle Flour or Cinnamon

Works a bit like chalk. It’s a tad messy but simply sprinkle flour or cinnamon in and around your pantry, or along the windowsills.

Use Citrus

Smells great and repels ants, what could be better?!?  Put lemon juice around windows and doors. A couple of lemon peels outside the kitchen door can prevent them from coming in.


Ants love sugar more than we do. They can smell it from miles away. Herbs like sage and bay leaves can help deter ants from getting into your sugar. Put the leaves of those herbs directly in your sugar container or next to your honey to keep ants away.

Wipe Out Their Trail 

Ants leave a scented trail behind for other ants to follow. So when you see one know that there will be more, unless, you clean the area with a mixture of equal parts vinegar and water. This won't kill the ants that are already in your house, but it will get rid of their smell so more ants can't follow.

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