Foods We've Been Mispronouncing For Years!

Okay, so...I'm guilty of a few of these

  • Ghirardelli - We all thought the chocolate company was “gheer-a-delhi,” but it’s actually [[gear-AR-delly]].
  • Barilla - That box of pasta in your pantry is pronounced [[buh-REE-uh]], not “bah-rill-ah” like some of us thought.
  • LaCroix - The name of that very popular sparkling water is actually [[la-CROY]], not "la-kwah," no matter what your fancy friends say.
  • Nestle - We always assumed it was “ness-lee” but now we know it’s really [[NESS-lay]].
  • Chipotle - Lots of folks love to eat here, but some are still saying it like “chuh-poat-lee” when it’s actually [[chih-POT-lay]].
  • Hoegaarden - This beer company isn’t “hoe-garden” like we thought, it’s really pronounced [[HOO-garden]]. Who knew?
  • Kashi - The name sounds more like a sneeze than “cash-shee,” the correct pronunciation is [[KAH-shee]].
  • Fage - This Greek yogurt brand isn’t pronounced phonetically, it’s actually [[FAH-yeh]].
  • Reese’s - Everyone’s favorite peanut butter cup maker isn’t “ree-sees,” the right way to say it is [[REE-sus]]. And as long as we get to eat ‘em, we’ll say it anyway they like.


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