Rachel Crow Sang Us A Soulful, Powerful Kesha Cover And We All Have Chills


Rachel Crow stopped Elvis Duran and the Morning Show to open up about the meaning behind her amazing song "Dime," but also wowed everyone with her rendition of Kesha's "Praying." 


Crow’s certainly come a long way since her stint on The X Factor back in 2011. After some television work on Nickelodeon, touring with Big Time Rush and Cody Simpson, and putting out her first EP, Rachel is ready to take over the pop music world. 

Despite the sassiness of her song "Dime," Rachel revealed that there’s actually an empowering message in her lyrics. “I just wanted people to hear it and feel uplifted,” the 19-year-old said of her song, “I wanted to reach out to the people who weren’t confident in themselves because it’s taken me so much time to be able to look in the mirror and like what I see. It was very important for me to make a song that people would hear and feel good about them.”

Rachel tries to live this inspiring message in her every day life, as well, telling Elvis that “kindness is so easy to spread. It takes so much more energy to be a complete jerk than to be a nice person.” 


Rachel also revealed when she’ll be releasing more new music, including an EP for her fans, “before the end of year... that’s the goal.” 

Not only will she be collaborating with Hailee Steinfeld in the future, Rachel will also be working with Kelly Clarkson on her Netflix show Home. “Its just the cutest show ever. I have so much fun,” Rachel said her show. “Kelly’s a guest. We have a little thing. It’s really cute. I’m really excited, like I’m pumped. I love her.”

It was so nice chatting with Rachel and getting to experience her positive energy and good vibes. We’re so excited for Rachel and her all her upcoming projects.

Photo Credit: Getty


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