Miley Cyrus Reveals One Reason Liam Hemsworth Would Dump Her

Miley Cyrus hung out with Elvis Duran back stage at the iHeartRadio Music Festival and the two talked about the 24-year-old singer's favorite thing: animals. Miley's known for her passion for her many pets - besides her musical ability, of course - so it's no surprise that she was pretty excited about the puppy room set up backstage. Elvis even gave Miley the opportunity to add one of the cute pups to her expansive brood. (Her little sister Noah Cyrus already took one home during our iHeartRadio Daytime Village earlier in the day).  To everybody's surprise, though, Miley had to decline. 

"I will actually get dumped if I get one more animal," Miley revealed. It turns out her fiancee Liam Hemsworth has reached the maximum amount of pets he can handle. Miley already had seven dogs at our last count, so, we can't really blame Liam for being hesitant about adopting more animals. 


Just because Miley can't bring a new puppy home to Liam doesn't mean she wasn't going to cuddle some of them. She snuggled up to sleep little guy and joked that somebody should send the picture to Liam to scare him. This is why Miley and Liam are our favorite celebrity couple. 


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