How To Detox After A Candy Binge

Uh! This is the worst time of year to diet. Halloween, Thanksgiving...Christmas! At least we have a month between to get back on track. If you have too much Halloween candy, here's what you'll need to do to cleanse the system:

  • Don’t skip breakfast - But make sure it’s something low-sugar. Eggs and sliced avocados come highly recommended from registered dietitian Keri Glassman.
  • Eat fish, raw nuts, and vegetables - The fiber will help clean out your gut and slow digesting foods, like protein and healthy fats, will keep you full longer and keep blood sugar from going high again.
  • Drink more water - Fill up your reusable 32-ounce bottle twice a day and add some lemon for an antioxidant boost.

Source: My Domaine

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