Bride Breaks Toe To Fit Into Wedding Shoes

Some brides will do just about anything to ensure their wedding day goes the way they envision it. Stephanie Househam had been dreaming of her perfect wedding and for her the biggest issue wasn’t her dress, flowers, or the food. It was her wedding shoes and making sure her feet fit inside them.

Househam was born with “claw toe” which means her pinky toe curls up and don’t touch the ground. Because of the condition, she always wears sneakers to accommodate her feet. But she wasn’t willing to do that at her nuptials. So to fix the problem, the 30-year-old had surgery to have her toe broken and tendons snapped.

A pin was placed in her toe to keep it in position and she was able to wear heels at her wedding. And sure, she had to deal with weeks of recovery and doctors don’t know if her toe will heal to be flat on the ground…but for a bride who has worn sneakers her whole life? This“Cinderella shoe moment” was worth everything.

Source: Mamamia

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