Why Thanksgiving Eve Is Such A Great Night

When you’re home for the holidays and everyone else is too, Thanksgiving Eve is a great night to go out. Here’s what you can look forward to tonight.

  • Your best friends are all home - And they’ll be here all weekend long so let the fun begin.
  • Who doesn't love the overwhelming nostalgia of drinking in a basement that smells exactly like it did in 2008 - You can recall all the drunken nights you spent there in high school while you relive the memories.
  • Basement drinking is a lot more fun now that your mom "knows" about it - You might even end up doing a shot with your high school bestie’s mom before the night is over.
  • Everyone is trying to party - For some that means hitting the sad suburban bars in town, for others it’s drinking in the basement with your old squad.
  • Going out at home means everyone can see how hot you are now - There’s something so satisfying about having people who knew you back in the day see you looking incredible now and when you go out on Thanksgiving eve, you see everyone from back in the day.
  • It's the one night of the year you can really, truly, completely judge people guilt-free - Everyone else is going to be doing it.
  • It's also the perfect night to tell someone how you feel about them - Could be you tipsy tell Jen from the grade ahead of you that you always thought she was sooooo beautiful and that she’s as beautiful now, or maybe you confess your high school crush to his face.
  • The night serves as your annual reminder that you've come a very, very long way - Even if you are still hanging out in your BFF”s parent’s basement.

Source: Cosmopolitan

photo courtsey of Getty Images

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