Oscar Stolen From Frances McDormand At Governor's Ball

Frances McDormand had a great night at the Academy Awards after winning Best Actress for her part in "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri." But, her night did not go so well once the awards show was over with,

According to a report from ABC 7, McDormand's Oscar went missing during an after-party in Hollywood Sunday night. The thief was even photographed with the stolen trophy just moments before being taken into custody. 


McDormand was photographed with her Oscar getting it personalized at the engraving station before the theft occurred. According to the Los Angeles Police Department, McDormand noticed her Oscar was missing from her table at the Governor's Ball and immediately informed security. They found the guy holding McDormand's Oscar, and turned him over to the police when they arrived. 

Police say 47-year-old Terry Bryant was arrested on suspicion of felony grand theft for allegedly nabbing the golden statue. The L.A.P.D. says they're investigating how the suspect even managed to get into the event in the first place, confirming that the suspect did not have a ticket to the Governor's Ball. 

A rep for McDormand told TMZ that the statue was returned to the actress saying, "Fran and Oscar are happily reunited and are enjoying an In-N-Out burger together." 

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