Kicks 4 Guns FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What kinds of guns are accepted? 
    Any and all guns are welcome. Pistols, shot guns, bb-guns, semi-automatics, rifles, etc.

  2. What if i have a BB Gun, will I still get a pair of shoes? 
    Each location has it's own policy regarding BB Guns.

  3. Will I get a gift card for every gun turned in? 
    Rules vary from location to location. Best to contact the police agency that will be handling your drop off location for specific details. Please note - Kicks 4 Guns is not a dumping ground for local pawn shops to unload their unwanted guns. You will be turned away if you are pawn shop trying to do so.

  4. How do I transport my gun to Kicks 4 Guns? 
    People walking or driving to the event are encouraged to place their UNLOADED guns in the truck of their car or the back of their SUV. If you are stopped by a police officer, tell him or her immediately that you have a weapon in the car and are headed to the event.No one may enter the event carrying a gun. Guns are handed over to the police at the gate where they are checked, tagged and stacked.

  5. What happens if someone offers to buy my gun on the way to Kicks 4 Guns? 
    Law enforcement discourages the sales of guns outside the Kicks 4 Guns venue.

  6. What if I don't have a gun and want to go to Kicks 4 Guns? 
    Only people turning in guns and those accompanying them may enter the event. All others are required to remain outside the gates and view the event from there.

  7. What if I cannot make it to Kicks 4 Guns and have a gun I want to get rid of? 
    For those living in the Daytona and Volusia County areas, a law enforcement officer will come to your house and pick up your gun. Please call - to make arrangements.

  8. What happens to the leftover shoes after the event? 
    Shoes left over are traditionally donated to local charities or kept for use in next year's event.

  9. How can I make a monetary donation to Kicks 4 Guns? 
    Click here to make a monetary donation to Kicks 4 Guns. Please make sure to note it is for Kicks 4 Guns.I have shoes/gift cards to donate I'd like to donate to Kicks 4 Guns. Click here to donate.

  10. I have ammo, can i drop off unwanted ammo at Kicks 4 Guns? 
    Yes, you can drop off your ammo, but you won't get a gift card or shoes for the unwanted ammo.

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