"Dinner and Drinks" with Korinn Braden and Alexis Pernal of The Field Manor

Before tech jobs took over Brevard County. Before rockets rumbled our shores. Even before a drive-in movie theater was built off Babcock Street in Melbourne. There was a house that had been in the same family since 1880. That family, was the Field family. And now in 2019, the house is under a trust in the family name and is now working towards environmental change and letting the residents of Brevard know more about this Central Brevard county family legend.

Korinn Braden and Alexis Pernal are the duo behind the Field Manor, who along with a groundsmen, are helping locals learn about Merritt Island's first family. Because truly the Field's are. Back then however, it was known as "Indiaonla" and on the grounds they had citrus farms and a citrus packing plant.

Learning about the Field family over the last few weeks has been like taking a time machine back to a different era. Back when the house was built in 1880, the front yard was on the river. Roads like we know today didn't exist. And the only method of travel from Mainland to the barrier island was on a boat. If the lagoon was too choppy you didn't take a boat to or from the shore. And it probably took a full day just to cross the lagoon. For over 100 years, the Field family had roots always within Central Brevard. The Field family was instrumental in the growth of Merritt Island, as well as the growth just over the 520 Causeway in Cocoa Village.

Today, the Field Manor no longer uses the packing plant, but they are still planting citrus tress. All for scientific research and to see if the soil can take any form of farming. As well, the Field Manor hosts scholastic trips that students can go on and tour the grounds. Plus, if you're looking for a venue for your wedding, the Field Manor will host your big day, and as you and your partner say "I do!" you can overlook the beautiful Indian River Lagoon as your background.

A big thanks to Korinn and Alexis joining me on this episode "Dinner and Drinks", it was a "Friend's" trivia night that introduced us and now I have two new amazing friends doing something really cool up in Merritt Island. So stop by, say hi, and see some Brevard history!

This episode was recorded down at one of my favorite places of all time in Downtown Melbourne, Matt's Casbah. Where Chef Chad, Jess, and Jolene knocked it out of the park. To start, we had their goat cheese salad, 3 sushi rolls to chose from, and an entree to split...everything is always amazing at Matt's! Oh and including these fantastic drinks the bar put together for us!

Check out our Facebook video teaser, where I ask if, in fact, the Field Manor is HAUNTED!!!

A special thanks to Melbourne Mainstreet and Matt's Casbah for helping get this episode set up! And one final thing about the Field Manor. During a week off of work, I took my own trip up to the Field Manor, as you heard in the episode. And these are the pictures and time lapse video I took of the grounds. I highly recommend taking an afternoon and just checking this place out. Also, if you're a charity organizer and you want a place to host your event, especially during our cooler months, this is the place to check out!

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