"Dinner and Drinks" with Kenny Johnson, City Council Member in Palm Bay

Upon meeting Kenny Johnson, one thing is extremely obvious...this guy is full of life! Nothing is going to keep this person down. And no one should ever count this man out! But, because of hatred, or fear, or plain ignorance, some people tried to bring an ugly side of humanity out last year in Palm Bay. Kenny Johnson chose to rise above and finding out his "Brevard County Story", I learn real quick that he rose quickly because of his strong family beliefs. His spiritual beliefs. And his belief in making his community better!

OK, so this episode was without a doubt the most "heavy" episode of our history. And by heavy I don't mean how much I weighed after (but kinda yeah I do). I mean substance. The conversation(s) about race and racism. This is an important topic. This is a topic that needs to be had out in the open because (and I know it's said when brought up) but to quote Dr Martin Luther King Jr:

"Hate begets hate; violence begets violence; toughness begets a greater toughness. We must meet the forces of hate with the power of love."

Whatever the reason this person decided to write that hateful message on Kenny Johnson's campaign sign was done out of hate. It was done out of violence. And we have to realize that Kenny is leading a campaign of change to better his community. He's leading a campaign to empower those without. He's holding his hand out to his neighbor's, who might now agree with him, and saying 'Hey let's talk this over and find some common ground to build a better tomorrow'. That's the mark of a champion. That's the mark of a leader. And seriously, I'm glad to have met Kenny and can't wait to see what he'll do next to help the city of Palm Bay.

We've got a way to go, and the stigma some have of Palm Bay has to also change. I'm here to tell you...some of the greatest people I've met have lived within the limits of Palm Bay. Some of my most favorite memories of my past, they came from going to Palm Bay. And I'm here to tell others, Palm Bay is great! And I'll always have your back PB!

Ohhhh no friends...Masa Taqueria y Cantina...where do I begin? So first things first. I knew of this place. I knew it existed in Indian Harbour Beach and I knew that there were tacos and margarita's there. But, after this episode we all learned that what Corporate Chef Nick, Executive Chef Nycol and Sous Chef Paul are pumpin' out is next level taco's and margarita's the size of a human face!

This meal was a monster and for real, as you hear in the episode, Kenny and I thought we done...we took a food break! We full on expected that the taco board we had was it....and then NOOOOOOOPE out comes this burrito the size of a backpack that we could eat on an expedition and still have half left over for a return trip. I am not messing around with you...the food is insane! The drinks are bonkers!

THEY 👏 HAVE 👏 BRUNCH!!! And for real, we gotta go! Yeah, you reading this. DM me, we'll go! Seriously, look below...that's the IG pics from this episode...tequila flights, tiny taco's, marg's the literal size of a child's face, and that burrito!!! Let's do brunch at Masa Taqueria y Cantina!!!

Also, I totally almost forgot about the hot sauces...I am a glutton for punishment. I love hot sauce. I like the spice. I like the heat. And I love their hot sauces! All made from scratch...this isn't bottled up ish...and I totally burnt my mouth. I'll gladly do it again!

A special thanks to Kenny Johnson for joining me out at Masa Taqueria y Cantina...we ate sooooo much food and had literally lots of laughs. He's an outstanding person and he's easily accessible to learn more about what the City of Palm Bay is up too. Drop him a line!

As always, a special thanks to Akili at Melbourne Mainstreet for helping us execute this episode of "Dinner and Drinks"! Also, I'd also like to thank our co-worker here at iHeartRadio Melbourne, Aidan for helping plan and execute each episode too!

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