"Dinner and Drinks" with Taranchyla

Many many MANY years ago...I was 18 years old and interning for "95-1 The Beat". We had a Wednesday night club gig at a place called "702". It was church and it was a club. (weird I know). But on this night, my first ever club gig for a radio station, I walked in with the guy I was interning with, James Steele. He told me to just have fun. Soak it all in. And that one day I'll get to put on party's like this. On the stage I see 3 guys. And in the middle of the 3 of them was this loud, booming, controlling voice. A voice that told the crowd what to do, how to do it, and how much they NEEDED to do. I knew had to meet this person. I had to know how he did what he did. Until that point, I didn't know really what a "Club Emcee" did. But from that point on, I was hooked.

That guy, is my guest on this episode of "Dinner and Drinks". Back in 2005, I first met Taranchyla and where ever he threw a party with his friends, the radio station was involved.

To start off, we'll talk about what Taranchyla is up to now-a-days. We were lucky to snag him on this episode during the holiday season because well people are busy during the holidays. But Taranchyla is also always on the road. Whether its hitting the road with Shaggy, or in the studio in LA or around the globe he's always on the go. He sticks to his Palm Bay roots and as you'll learn in this episode many big time artists have ties to Brevard and Central Florida and T uses these ties to home when connecting with artists around the world.

Thanks to Taranchyla for coming out to this episode of "Dinner and Drinks", which was recorded at Beachfly Brewing in Indian Harbour Beach. This craft brew operation just celebrated its first year open and it's home has Brevard history in its walls.

Originally the Purple Porpoise, Beachfly has 6 constant brews on draft with different seasonal and specialty brews on draft as well. To name a few the "Satty Lite" was my favorite. With the "Canova Sunrise Ale" at a close second!

And the food, holy hell the food! We started off with their massive fresh soft pretzels and the beer cheese. From there the insanity grew. I had the flat bread and T attacked their bowl. All fresh. All made in house from the creative mind of Chef Jeff. This place in bonkers great and hey, if you graduated from the University of Purdue in Indiana, then this is an OFFICIAL alumni bar for you Boilermakers. All football season, and of course basketball season, Beachfly is your bar to celebrate any success Purdue will have.

Thanks to Zach and the staff at Beachfly Brewing for really rolling out the red carpet for us during this episode!

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So as you heard in the episode, Taranchlya's been throwing Brevard parties since the mid-90's and early 2000's. That road led him to then travel around the world and put on some incredible nights for the world to see. For me it all starts back in Downtown Melbourne with Taranchyla, DJ Apache, Protojay, Sharp, Diaz and Corey.

From County Line to 702, from 3-2-1 to bars in Palm Bay, we rolled with T's crowd. As time went on, I kept pressing Tarachyla and his 'sound system' for tips, pointers, and advice on emcee'ing a crowd. Because I kept pushing them to let me rock a mic, they would let me start off early in the night. Now, imagine if you can, a skinny beach kid trying his hardest to keep up with the pro's. At first it was laughable, but with practice eventually me having my own club nights with the radio station.

I sit back many years later and reflect on my own MC experiences; all great memories. But it would never would have been possible without Taranchyla and everyone named above. Those guys gave me a shot to rock the mic. It's so much fun to think back (some memories are hazy...but come on we were partying!) and see how my extremely young self started out. And to see where T's come to today along with myself is just mind-boggling sometimes.

You heard in the episode how T and I just bump into each other, well I found one of the posts we talked about and shared on Instagram:

When you stop and learn about what some people in Brevard are doing, you can't help but be proud of where you are from.

One final time I'd like to thanks Taranchyla for coming out and sharing his "Brevard County Story". His foots in the Bay are deep and I could not be any prouder of my friend as his success in the music industry continues to grow.

Also, to Beachfly Brewing. You're all doing amazing things beachside and you will see me in the future as I know my old roommate will want me to come out to see a Boilermaker basketball game.

Lastly, to Melbourne Mainstreet for always sponsoring the podcast.

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