2020: A Busy Year For Space Travel On The Space Coast!

So what's the New Year going to bring the Space Coast and space travel? Well, hold on to your butts because NASA, SpaceX, Boeing, Blue Origins, and maybe more are planning a very busy and very ambitious 2020. In this year we'll see the new SLS (Space Launch System), NASA's most powerful rocket ever, do it's first test fires for missions to the moon. Also, they have a new space suit for astronauts to use on the lunar surface and perhaps on Mars. The first steps will be taken in building a new lunar orbit station. This station will be used as a staging area for astronauts to land on the moon in future missions.

And of course the big news for the Space Coast. 2020 is going to see us take US astronauts and launch them into orbit aboard the ISS (International Space Station). After a few set-backs, SpaceX and it's capsule, Dragon, seem ready for the task of returning Americans to space from US soil.

With it being the New Year, I wanted to take a look back to some of the launches I took pictures and videos for in 2019 from my place in Melbourne Beach.

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