Lorde Shares What Shocked Her Most About Being A Pop Star

Take a trip with Lorde through New York City's Botanical Garden in the latest episode of Vogue's 73 question series. Throughout her scenic walk among the flowers and greenery, Lorde takes viewers inside the making of her three albums and reveals what shocked her most about being a pop star.

When asked what the most surprising thing about being famous really is, Lorde said it's all the free stuff brands send you. “Right when you can afford to buy anything you want, you get given everything for free," she said. "It doesn’t make any sense. Don’t give us free stuff!"

She went on to describe the biggest differences between her debut album, Pure Heroine, and her sophomore outing, Melodrama. “The first album was so communal, it was about me and my peers. The second one is really about my experience," she said. She went on to describe the process of making Solar Power as "calm."

Lorde, who has synesthesia, shared the corresponding colors for each of her albums, as well. Pure Heroine is green, while Melodrama is violet. Anyone who watched her 'Solar Power' video (probably on repeat) won't be surprised to learn that the album's color is gold.

Solar Power is set to debut on August 20, 2021. Are you excited for more Lorde?

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