Man Caught Trying To Enter Disney Springs With Gun, Ammo & Knife


Photo: AFP

A South Florida man is accused of trying to enter Disney Springs with a gun and ammo.

Orange County Sheriff's officials say 35-year old Aaron Lopez of Royal Palm Beach walked through a metal detector at a parking garage last month and the alarm went off. When security wanted to check his bag, Lopez reportedly told a guard that he had a folding knife in the bag and that there's "something else in here besides a knife that I want to put back in my car."

He was then brought to a sheriff's deputy who says Lopez was found to be carrying a handgun with multiple rounds of ammunition.

He was arrested after a background check found that the man did not have a license to carry a concealed weapon.

It wasn't the first time someone tried to bring a gun onto Disney property. Earlier this year, a guest tried to carry a bag with a gun into the Magic Kingdom.

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