DeSantis' Migrant Plane Reportedly Heading Toward Biden's Home State

Influx Of Venezuelan Migrants Adds To Already Stressed Southern Border And Shelters

Photo: Getty Images

(Rehoboth, DE) -- Florida Governor Ron DeSantis says he can't confirm that another flight to relocate illegal immigrants was on its way to Delaware.

Reports indicated the plane was expected to land near President Biden's beach house. DeSantis has pledged to keep sending illegal immigrants to Democrat-controlled sanctuary states.

He has joined Republican governors in Texas and Arizona who have shipped migrants to New York, Chicago and Washington, DC. The governors claim their states are overwhelmed and Biden is ignoring the crisis.

President Biden says it's "not rational" to return illegal immigrants to repressive countries that they escaped from. Speaking at the White House, Biden cited Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua.

Meantime, Former President Trump isn't commenting on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis' decision to fly illegal immigrants to Martha's Vineyard.

Appearing on Newsmax, Trump sidestepped questions about the move, instead focusing on his immigration policies while in office. Rolling Stone reports Trump is privately angry at DeSantis for chartering two planeloads of migrants to the Massachusetts vacation community. The ex-President is reportedly telling confidants he's upset that DeSantis stole the idea from him.

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