GRAPHIC VIDEO: Woman On Miami Flight To NJ Bites Flight Attendant

A woman is facing charges after disrupting a flight out of Miami International Airport.

Video shows what happened on United flight 762 to Newark on Tuesday. The woman can be seen yelling at flight attendants and passengers and biting a flight attendant on the shoulder. She also accused the flight crew of trying to kill her when they tried to restrain her.

The plane made an emergency landing in Orlando, and police took her into custody, her wrists bound by zip ties. The incident caused a three-and-a-half hour delay. No one was hurt.

United Airlines says they're grateful for the crew's professionalism and for looking out for the safety of their customers and fellow United employees.

Their statement:

United Flight 762 from Miami to Newark stopped in Orlando on Tuesday evening after a passenger became aggressive and disruptive. Our flight attendants worked to de-escalate the situation and protect other customers and after landing in Orlando, law enforcement met the flight, and the passenger was removed. We’re grateful to our team for their professionalism and for looking out for the safety of our customers and their fellow United employees.
United Airlines


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