Woman Has 1.5 Inch Worm Removed From Tonsils After Eating Sushi

Not sure anyone will run out to get sushi after reading this but doctors in Tokyo, Japan wrote about an anonymous 25-year-old woman who was admitted to a hospital over a sore throat earlier this year. A simple examination revealed “a black moving worm” wriggling in her tonsils. 

Doctors determined the worm to be a Pseudoterranova azarasi, a type of parasitic roundworm. After some questioning of the woman, they found out that she had just had a meal of "assorted sashimi" five days prior to coming in and had suffered a sore throat ever since.

Doctors say her condition improved rapidly after the 1.5-inch worm had been removed from her throat. It's reported that there have been hundreds of cases of Pseudoterranova infection around the world, according to their research, which was usually remedied upon removal. Enjoy!

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