The Healthiest Sushi To Order The Next Time You Go Out

Here’s what to order at a Japanese restaurant.

Edamame - The healthiest thing on the menu! Edamame has the ideal balance of fiber, protein, and healthy fats.

Salmon Sashimi - This is all protein and no rice, which is better because it has fewer simple carbs. Plus the salmon has healthy omega-3 fats.

Vegetable Roll - These don’t have any protein, but with a side of edamame, you’ll balance it out.

Other tricks to eating healthier:

Anytime you can swap the white rice for brown rice, you’re making your meal healthier.

Also try to stay away from anything with “tempura” in the name and go easy on sauces (especially mayo sauces) to make your meal as healthy as possible.

Take it easy on the soy sauce too. Even the lower sodium bottle (the one with the green top) is loaded with so much sodium, it can make us feel bloated and uncomfortable. 4 tablespoons (which is roughly how much we use when we usually eat) is about 2,000 mgs...which is what your daily max should be.

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