Ice Cream Hacks We Need To Try This Summer!

It's so hot outside right now, we all could use some yummy ice cream to cool off. Check out some of these ice cream hacks to try this summer.

  • Experiment with new ingredients to wow your friends - Use unique ingredients, like edible flowers, honeycomb, and cayenne pepper to take your treat to the next level.
  • Run a scooper under hot water prior to scooping - The metal will warm up, melting the ice cream a little as you scoop and making it easier. Makes sense, right? But when was the last time you did this?
  • Start scooping around the edges - That’s where it warms up first, so it’s easier to scoop.
  • Store your pint upside down to avoid freezer burn - The ice cream will slide down to it’s base and limit air exposure.
  • Slice your pints to create discs for ice cream sandwiches - Or get the Ben & Jerry’s chocolate-dipped slices, either way your binge will be better.
  • Place a jelly bean or marshmallow at the bottom of sugar cones to prevent leaks - And you get a bonus treat at the end.
  • Slice a pint down the middle to create two makeshift bowls - And your prize for doing this is not having to wash as many dishes.
  • Pre-scoop ice cream ahead of time and store in the freezer - Keep them stored in wax paper in the freezer for a treat that’s ready any time you are.
  • Finish an almost-finished jar of Nutella or peanut butter with ice cream - Just drop in the ice cream and scrape all that Nutella or nut butter out of the jar along with it. Nothing goes to waste and you get a yummy treat.
  • To keep ice cream at a perfect consistency, place its pint or carton in a plastic bag - It seems some people don’t finish a container of ice cream in one sitting and for those folks, wrapping the container in a bag insulates it and keeps the leftovers better.

Source: Chowhound

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

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