Foods To Avoid This Summer

Yup! We love summer here in Florida! However, there are certain things you may want to stay away from while you're having fun. Thanks to our friends at Delish, they put together a list of stuff we should avoid this summer: 

  • Barbecue Sauce - Sure, it’s delicious, but two tablespoons can add close to 100 calories, plus lots of sugar and salt.
  • Charred meat - You might find those crispy, blackened bits of chicken tasty, but when you cook animal proteins over super-high heat, they develop chemicals that can raise your risk for cancer when you eat them.
  • Deli Meats - Not only are processed meats full of unnatural ingredients, two slices of ham or turkey can have more sodium than a whole bag of pretzels.
  • Frozen Yogurt - It’s not so much the fro yo, but the cookie dough, brownie bits, and pools of caramel sauce that you add on top that make this treat less healthy.
  • Hot Dogs - According to the World Health Organization, processed meats are as bad for us as tobacco and asbestos. And they’ve found a direct cause-and-effect relationship between colorectal cancer and food in sausage casing.
  • Oysters - Raw ones could have food-borne illnesses, including vibriosis, which is potentially deadly.
  • Seeded Watermelon - You won’t grow a watermelon in your tummy if you swallow a seeds, but they can obstruct your bowels and cause bloating, so splurge for the seedless variety.
  • Snow Cones - This childhood treat is fun and comes all those bright colors, but it’s just ice and sugary syrup, oh and the food dyes which are linked to cancer and autoimmune diseases.
  • Sugar-Free Ice Cream - Sweeteners used in these, like sorbitol and xylitol can cause bloating, gas, or worse - diarrhea. And that’s definitely not how you want to spend your fun in the sun time.

Source: Delish

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