You Could Get Pregnant After Leaving Your Birth Control Pills In The Car

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Most meds (including your birth control) should be stored in a dry place at room temperature, somewhere around 68 to 77 degrees. If drugs are exposed to temperatures much hotter or colder than that range, they can lose their potency. 

And it turns out, hormone or protein-based drugs, like oral contraceptives, can be especially affected by not storing them at the right temp.

Here’s what to avoid, according to Dr. Margaret Long, an OB-GYn at the Mayo Clinic.

  • In the bathroom - Keeping your pills in here is a double no-no because of the humidity, which can break down the drug, and the heat from the shower. So skip the medicine cabinet; linen closets or kitchen cabinets are safer for your meds.
  • On a plane - Keep your pills in your carry on because things can get a lot colder in the baggage compartment than they do in the cabin and that can make the pills less effective. So don’t take a chance with your birth control.
  • In your car - It depends for how long and how hot it is, but don’t leave them on the dashboard baking in the sun.
  • Running errands - If your pills live in your purse and you’re running around all day tackling your endless to-do list, you’re better off leaving your pills at home while you’re on the go.

And if you’re ever worried your pills could be compromised, call your doc for a replacement or be sure to use a backup birth control method, just in case.

Source: Marie Claire

Birth control is a topic that’s been on my mind so much as I dive deeper into women’s health. In no way am I saying that it’s wrong to take BC or even saying you should or shouldn’t take it but there is a huge gap in the information about BC that women receive from most health care providers. Education is so key here - the more you know the better decision you can make for yourself! . . . As a woman who took the pill on and off for 10+ years to “fix” irregular and heavy periods I totally get it - I listened to my doctors when they said the pill was the only option but little did I know I wasn’t really getting the answers I needed. If you’re taking BC for painful, heavy periods, skin issues, headaches or really anything other than preventing pregnancy - your not alone - but you likely have been misinformed too. . . . Odds are these symptoms you’re having are from a hormonal imbalance - for example it could be high levels of estrogen. BC doesn’t “fix” your symptoms, it masks them instead of getting to the root cause. Don’t get me wrong, many women actually do experience relief from BC but it won’t come without side effects like all prescriptions. . . . Here are a few side effects of BC that your doctor probably didn’t tell you: depletion of B vitamins, low levels of vit C and E, low levels of magnesium, zinc and selenium and disruption of your gut health. These nutrients are key for metabolism, healthy pregnancies, inflammation, hormone regulation, immune function, disease prevention and so much more. . . . This is me just starting the conversation- there really is so much more to say. Educate yourself - seek guidance (happy to help!) and do what’s right for your body but know that there is so much more you should know than you are probably being told!

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