Women Share Most Passive Aggressive Comments From Mother-In-Law

As you know...you're not just marrying him...you're marrying his whole family too! A post on the British site Mumsnet asked women to share the most passive aggressive comments they’ve ever gotten from their mother-in-law. 

One woman’s mother-in-law actually suggested her son’s ex-girlfriend’s name for their baby (yikes!). Another suggested their baby was an accident...and one mother-in-law asked for a family photo at her wedding, without the bride in it. 

Not all mother-in-laws can be blatantly awful, but some do find ways to demean their daughters-in-law in very subtle ways. Women were asked to share the most passive aggressive comments they’ve ever gotten from their mother-in-law, and some these are truly terrible:

  • “With my mil I mentioned a friend she hadn't heard me talk about before,” one woman wrote, to which the MIL replied, "Oh I thought you only had one friend!"
  • “’Oh some women just refuse c sections for no good reason’ - to me about 30 mins after I had a stillbirth.”
  • “When I was telling her I thought DH (dear husband) would get emotional at our wedding and cry ‘he cries at everything.’ Aka it would be nothing special or mean anything - the tone was awful.”
  • “I got (in my early twenties) facial wax strips as a gift for Christmas from MIL.”
  • “When we first got engaged, [my mother-in-law] said ‘I was glad you didn't put it in the paper in case it doesn't work out.’”
  • “When we told mil [mother-in-law] I was pregnant (planned) and she said ‘oh well accidents happen.’”
  • “When we asked her for baby name suggestions, mother-in-law started out with DHs [darling husband's] ex's name.”
  • “On my wedding day to her son, she asked me if I can get the photographer to do a family photo, so I do I come back with said photographer, and she dismisses me so I'm standing there in my gown while she takes a family wedding photo with the whole wedding party minus the bride!!”

Source: The Mail

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Do you have any you want to share? 

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