What NOT To Buy In Bulk At Costco and Sams

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Let's be honest, we all love shopping at Costco and Sams. However some of the things we're guying in bulk could go bad before we have a chance to use it all. Here are some things to stay away from when shopping. 

  • Spices - It’s not that the spices will go bad soon, but they’ll probably get stale before you use them all.
  • Brown rice - Because this has more natural oils than white rice, it’s good for a long time but not forever. It could go rancid before you use it all.
  • Coffee -probably won't go bad, but coffee beans do lose flavor and aroma when they sit around for a while.
  • Flour - If it sits around too long, flour will attract and retain moisture, which is definitely not a good thing.
  • Baking powder - It will also attract moisture if not properly stored and that’s not good for something you’re planning to eventually use in stuff you're gonna eat.
  • Yeast - It gets less potent the longer it sits around after the sell-by date.
  • Cheese - This is just a bad idea overall....and freezing it doesn’t end well either.
  • Condiments - As soon as you open a bottle of ketchup or whatever, the shelf life clock starts. Just something to keep in mind when you consider buying that gallon of mustard.
  • Nuts - Natural oils in nuts can cause them to go rancid as well.
  • Oils - Yep, that natural oil thing applies here, too.

Source: Delish

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