Experts Say To Avoid These Foods During The Gov’t Shutdown

Been hearing A LOT about this in the news lately. The government shutdown has affected the FDA leaving us wondering what to eat...and what NOT to eat. 

Thanks to our friends at the Dail's the breakdown: 

Registered dietitian and attorney Jackie Arnett Elnahar says avoid raw foods and processed meats. They are prone to contamination. She also suggests not eating romaine lettuce and sprouts, which are susceptible to E. coli.  All foods should be cooked thoroughly at 165-degrees (at that temperature it can can kill E. coli, salmonella, and listeria).

Foodborne illness lawyer Bill Marler also recommends avoiding any foods that can’t be cooked and ready-to-eat products like cheeses, deli meats, leafy greens and sprouts. 

So basically – avoid everything from salads to veggies, meats and cheese for now. 

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