Jay-Z’s new music video for track “Moonlight” isn’t what you were expecting. The rapper created a short film for the video revolving around an all-black cast of ‘90s sitcom Friends to serve as meta-commentary on black representation in media. 

In the almost 8-minute long clip, of which only a couple minutes is Jay-Z’s song, Issa Rae portrays Rachel, Tessa Thompson portrays Monica, Tiffany Haddish portrays Phoebe, Lakeith Stanfield portrays Chandler, Lil Rel portrays Joey and Jerrod Carmichael portrays Ross. 

The mini moment is a play off of season 3’s episode “The One Where No One's Ready."

The point comes across after Carmicheal’s character breaks the fourth wall and asks Hannibal Buress backstage what he thinks of the show. 

Buress tells him its garbage and Carmicheal leaves the set. The video ends with Carmichael sitting on a bench staring at the moon as audio from February's Academy Awards, when La La Land was mistakenly announced as the Best Picture winner instead of Moonlight, plays in the background. 

Watch the video above.