Is Tanya Rad Dating Post Malone? The Internet Thinks So and It's LOL

Oops! Ryan Seacrest accidentally started a rumor that Tanya Rad was dating Post Malone. Engineer Easton was searching for Tanya’s oatmeal cookie blog when it was brought to his attention on Google that people also search for “Is Tanya Rad dating Post Malone?”

It all started after Seacrest nicknamed one of Tanya’s past suitors “No Post Malone” since he didn’t use social media.

“[Listeners] would just hear like ‘No Post Malone’ like, ‘No, Post Malone,’” Tanya shared. “I’ve met this girl and she was like ‘I never pictured you as a Post Malone type,” Tanya hilariously added.

Our girl is currently dating a different man Seacrest has since nicknamed "Socrates," but no, Tanya’s not dating an ancient Greek philosopher 😂. (Click here to learn why she's decided to keep her boyfriend's identity private for now.)

Watch back the LOL on-air moment in the video above and sound off on social @OnAirWithRyan with your favorite nickname that Ryan’s come up with.

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