Why Andy Samberg Stepped Out of His Comfort Zone and Made 'Palm Springs'

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Andy Samberg stars in new movie Palm Springs and this movie is pretty different than almost all his other films of the past. It’s a rom-com with a high concept: two wedding guests end up living the same day over and over similar to the classic comedy Groundhog’s Day.

And the actor told EW that's actually what drew him to make the movie.

"I don’t generally do a lot of stuff that is any straightforward genre, and this definitely is a little bit different than a normal wedding rom-com," he shared. "I hesitate to give away too much because I want people to go in a little cold. There are some interesting twists and turns to it so it will be more exciting to not say too much."

And, it's safe to assume the movie will be a hit. In fact, it sold for $17.5 million at Sundance which was the biggest sale in the festival’s history!

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