10 "Nasty" Things Guys "Secretly" Do When Alone

As a single guy I know what I do when I'm alone. I disagree with this video STRONGLY.  I will admit that probably in the 32 years I've been alive I've worn the same pair of boxers more than once in a week...I'm sure you're guilty of something similar...however!!!

I HAVE NEVER EATEN A MEAL ON A TOILET! And I will NEVER eat a meal on a toilet...I wash my bed sheets every 10 days and bleach them every two weeks (I have all white sheets)...also, maybe when I was younger I would talk about gross stuff with other guy friends, but at a 30-something man, I'm not texting my friends gross things. 

Again, I disagree with this countdown, and am probably only guilty of 2 of these things!

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