How You're Living "Single In Central Florida"

By now you've heard of our hashtag on Instagram, and if you haven't shared a photo yet, what are you waiting for?!?! It's what the rest of us who are #SingleInCentralFlorida are doing!

Weather's getting warmer, days are longer, and soon SUMMER BREAK! When you're #SingleInCentralFlorida it's time to get the camera out and start making memories! Clayton grabbed his GoPro, jumped in the pool and here's his underwater selfie!

Underwater selfies are super fun! I took some last summer in Jamaica and it was a blast!

I've said it before and I'll say it again, if you put your pup in a #SingleInCentralFlorida picture I will brag about you! Mary had a "#RuffDay" and decided that the only way to make it better was to bring her dog to the bar! Adorbs were had!

It makes me smile to see our hashtag travel around the world! Victoria took a trip to the Bahama's and while playing in the sand by the water did some cartwheels and knew she wanted to share the trip with us! Based on her hashtag's she's a nanny and Victoria...if the family needs a "Manny" to provide some entertainment with you next trip...I'll join and have my passport READY TO ROLL!!!

Prepare to have your heart melt by Moses and his doppelganger pup! For real, these two are twinning over the weekend!

As someone who went out this weekend, and someone who talked about the #TacoTattoo, I saw Ashley's post and knew I had to brag about it for a second! I love love LOVE that also included in the caption of hashtag's she not only used ours, but included #Happy which just makes my heart smile! Plus, she's got a great smile herself! #GirlsWithTattoos

Taking a look around the hashtag today has me smiling! We're seeing lots of new faces finally posting along the coast, someone apparently moved to Central Florida to be back a bestie, and a friendly face returned to make us smile! But this week's online shout out goes to Marika and her friend Valerie! They are going to be (hopefully) my new gym buddy's plus they were at one of my favorite bars, Mainstreet Pub having a drink! I was out Tuesday last week and it looks like I just missed them to have some drinks together! Plus, #Wingnut is on the post so I have to reward that, right?

I honestly wish I could've beached it this past weekend! However I was napping, and sweatpants'ing (yes that's a thing), and napping some more so I didn't make it to have any sand between my toes. Which what makes me wish I was Kelli! Plus, she has wine on the beach too! Way to be my spirit animal Kelli!

When it comes to being single as long as I have, when I see two people (who are clearly here in Central Florida and retired) my heart melts at life long love. Now, ask me that question 3 years ago during a break-up and I probably would've thrown a stick towards them. But now, I know what I want, and I want this! Great share Lee! ❤️️

While looking through our hashtag (on this short week for me) I noticed one extra hashtag that made me giggle! It came from Wesley, who is a nurse. And the hashtag is #NursePorn! I literally jumped up laughing! So here's a nurse, who's jacked, and is cooking meat...he's a triple threat people!

I wanted to share this pic with you, for a few reasons. Since starting this hashtag we've seen some great pics and seen some very awesome people here in town. Brandy gets a special shout out cause she's also helping a cause while sharing our hashtag! She got a haircut recently, took off 10 inches, and donated the hair to "Children With Hair Loss" and organization that get hair for kids who don't have any. What a fabulous cause and a fab pic too!

Lately I've been CRAVING sushi and I just end up always going home and eating Mac and Cheese (sad, I know) but Kimberly totally had the right idea!!! Stream some Kevin Hart and get your sushi on!

And on the blog this week I wanna tell Algannon again THANKS FOR POSTING!!! We love seeing her around town having literally the most fun!

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