Iraqi Couple Proves That Love Conquers All!

In the Middle East, the culture dictates life. Religion is taught at a young age, and certain aspects of our Western world are not welcome in the Middle East.

As a straight man, I don't know the struggle many LGBT people have felt through their lives, but one thing I do believe, is that EVERYONE has the right to find love. To find and hold that one special person that will make your heart, your soul, and your face smile and shine bright!

Ellen has done many special stories and helped so many special people through the years, recently the story of Nayyef and Btoo was told to her, and they had them come to LA and be on with Ellen.

Every day, for 4 years they Skyped...every day. It puts a lot of things into perspective when some can't even pick up a phone to text, these two were a world apart and still having dinner together.

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