5 Cool Things To Get On Amazon This Year

The video is directly below, but if you want to skip the 11 minute movie, I linked all the products below and you can go straight to their Amazon page!

The first product is Sesame Lock, a "Smart Lock" for your house that covers over your existing lock on your front door, and uses Wifi and an app on your phone to lock and unlock your house. It has military type encryption so no one is hacking your house to break in. And even allows users to specify who can come in and out of your house in the settings, all pretty fancy tech!

Sesame Lock: $149.99 on Amazon

Next up was Mars by CrazyBaby. Now, I didn't understand what the heck this thing is...but I guess its a speaker??? After reading more about it, the speaker floats in mid air therefore creating better sound quality??? Some pretty scientific ish right there!

Mars by CrazyBaby: $298.21 on Amazon

For those of you that want to start filming your life with a drone, this is the product for you! Beach trips over the summer, bike rides through parks...this drone will follow your every move! DJI Mavic is the size of a water bottle and can shoot 4K video all while following your every move! This might be the best deal we've seen so far!

DJI Mavic: $999.99 or $1,299.00 (deluxe) on Amazon

The Touchjet Pond Projector can turn any surface into a touchscreen so you can use a wall to teach, inform, or even play! It looks like it runs on the Android Platform so Apple users I don't know this is our best purchase!

Touchjet Pont Projector: $ 499.00 on Amazon

Lastly, the MassFidelity raD. In this tiny box you get 4 speakers and a sub woofer the creates room fulling, HD Quality sound!

MassFidelity raD: Starts at $499.00 on Amazon

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