Will People Jump Off The High-Dive, 30 Ft Up?

Heights can be a persons biggest fear. Something they can spend a lifetime trying to over-come, and never succeeding. If you're afraid of heights, many people have your fear. But for some, heights are a challenge meant to be conquered and won. For some, the rush of falling and feeling weightless is a rush! So what about a group of people, in an Aquatic Center, would they take the plunge? See for yourself, if they'll jump off the "Ten Meter Tower" (10 meters = 32 feet)

I have felt their fear, I have felt that questioning from head to toe of "What is going to happen when I hit the water?"

Last summer, I went to Jamaica and jumped off the highest cliff in this park, it just so happened to be 30+ feet in the air. I was shaking, I was questioning life, and I was the first of our group to do it...so what if my pink bathing suit came off???

Every time I watch it I remember my stomach going into my head and my feet stinging from the pain of hitting the water...but I went up and did it again!

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