A "Firehose" Of Hot Lava In Hawaii

Off the coast of the Big Island of Hawaii at Mount Kīlauea, there is a stream of lava flowing off the island and into the Pacific Ocean. The flow began due to a crack that opened on New Years Eve, and just the other day lava was literally flowing like water, hence the name "Firehose".

This is an amazing sight, to some a once in a lifetime experience...and since we film everything today, you can see the lava flows at Mount Kīlauea, without having to leave Florida!

I've been lucky enough to see the sights of Mount Kīlauea for myself, when back in 2002 my family and I took a trip to the Islands of Hawaii and this majestic shot was taken...yes that's a Dale Jr shirt and boat shoes

But one the most exhilarating moments of my family trip to Hawaii, was jumping off this random waterfall from the side of the "Road to Hana". I wanted to do it, my dad said I had no swim trunks and would have to jump in my shorts I was wearing, and I said "Cool be back soon!". Then I jumped. 

Now excuse me, while I do one million sit ups to try and look anywhere NEAR to what I used to...thanks beer and cheese and tacos and cheese and champagne and cheese and cheese and cheese!

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