Red Wine Vs White Wine (And The Women Who Drink Them)

I live by one simple life rule: "It's Merlot or Mer-NO!"

When it comes to wine I am a red wine drinker, and it's for one fact. You can drink Merlot at room temperature. White wines need to be chilled to be enjoyed, and that takes time. Blends are usually drank chilled, and again, that takes time.

So with Merlot's, you can just pop the cork and get drunk!

What would you choose? The choice will tell an awful lot about who you are as a person!

I do love me some Merlot!

Merlot with my Mer-MOM

And getting my hair cut!

And some of you might be saying "But Wingnut, don't you obsess over champagne?!?! That has white grapes in it that is bubbly, you aren't talking about that!!!"

And you're right, I love champagne...which is why there's ALWAYS a bottle in the fridge chilling! Before I open a bottle I go to the store and purchase a new bottle then replace it in the fridge.

I am smart! And currently craving this.

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