Tom Selleck Sets the Record Straight on Three Men and a Baby's Ghost Boy

In the 1980's movies were a little bit different than what you go and see today. There were Gremlins, of course "The Neverending Story", and then a few outlandish films like "Twins" which led to "Junior" which led or Arnold basically doing any wacky idea for a action comedy.

But on film stands out in my mind above the rest, "Three Men And A Baby". A film about 3 guys, randomly now raising a little girl. (Oddly enough this film was directed by Leonard know, Spock)

What I never saw, or I guess remember, is that one scene has stood out among the others...apparently, there's a ghost-boy in the movie?!?!

Crazy right?!?! Well, not so crazy, because "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" found out the real answer.

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