WATCH: This Guy Gets Stung By A Wasp On Purpose!

Meet Coyote Peterson, a wildlife fan, and basically the most insane person I've ever seen on YouTube. He goes out into the wild on his channel "Brave Wilderness" to explore things.

Then one day I'm sure Coyote was sitting around with his pals talking about the animal kingdom, and then someone says "Nah Coyote I bet you couldn't handle _____ sting!". Or I'm sure he just thought "What'll get YouTube hits?"

So look, I watched this video and Coyote explains just how painful this sting is...I am MORTIFIED by flying stinging insects...they literally are my "Land Based" nightmare". So this is tough to watch for me.

If you want to jump straight to the forward to 10:59

Hearing that massive wasp buzz around in that glass container and I am afraid for my life.

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