NASA Discovered 7 "Earth-Like" Planets

News today out of NASA, which has all nerds, like myself, fangirling! TRAPPIST-1 is an "ultra cool dwarf star". And is RIGHT FREAKING HERE in the Milky Way galaxy! Only 40 light years away, meaning if we traveled at the speed of light from Earth to TRAPPIST-1, we'd be there in 40 years! Now, there's lots of thing to talk about with the TRAPPIST-1 system, 3 of the 7 planets are deemed "highly habitable" meaning, that they might be able (or already?!?!?!) support life. So look, here's the video released about TRAPPIST-1 from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) 

But it gets cooler, because JPL also released this awesome Virtual Reality video of what it would look like on the surface of 1-d (the third rock from the sun, cause....well that's what Earth is)

This news has be literally excited today, I was a bit hung over from a date, but now I'm all LET'S GO TO TRAPPIST-1!!!!

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