What's It Look Like To Surf A Wave?

He's won 11 world titles. He had a video game (that I LOVED!) to his name. And Kelly Slater has also added "The Most Perfect Man Made Wave" to that list.

Located in California, the Kelly Slater Wave Company, is a wave pool that was a long time project for Slater that had it's first ride back in late 2015.

Ever since, Slater and other surfers have been riding the infinite wave and making some awesome videos, including this one, published to GoPro's YouTube page showing the glassy and perfect wave on a beautiful sunny Cali day.

I suck at surfing. Like seriously, I'm horrible at it. But I love being in the water, and if I EVER could head out to California, I'd love to get out on this wave. Well done Kelly Slater. Well done!

I am part fish, and the ocean is still too cold for my fish bones to get in it...come hurry up Summer Seventeen!

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